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Recently in Music #1: New Yeezy, Psycho Bieber, and the Love Between John Travolta and Fred Durst

Hey there gang. I’m reviving an old series where I take a look at the recent highs and lows in the music world. It’s been a pretty eventful past couple of days so let’s dive in – DMc

Kanye West Announces New Albums

Kanye’s been quite active on Twitter lately spouting off his usual nonsense about the nature of creativity and accidentally (I hope) quoting the fear and love classroom scene from Donnie Darko.

In the midst of Yeezy’s stream of conscious babble, he dropped some actually worthwhile news: not one, but two new albums are dropping in June. Unfortunately, one of those albums is a collaboration with Kid Cudi but Kanye’s solo album is definitely the follow up to My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy we’ve been waiting for right?.. Right?

Beyoncé Single-Handedly Gives Coachella Relevance

Coachella has felt out of touch for a few years now, and this year really doubled down on that feeling. From rampant reports of sexual assault at the festival to The Weeknd headlining Friday nights lineup (what is it 2015 here?), this felt like the damning year from the Warped Tour equivalent of hip music festivals. But Beyoncé saved the day here.

Beyoncé’s performance really was nothing short of show-stopping. She reunited Destiny’s Child (briefly), shattered YouTube streaming records, and has been dominating headlines all week. Way to go Beyoncé.

Justin Bieber is Out of his Fucking Mind

Damnit J Biebs, what the hell is wrong with you? This guy has always been off-kilter even back when he was hanging out with Ludacris in bowling alleys but lately, he’s shown that he is 100% out of his fucking mind.

His recent spree of insanity includes appearing in an absolutely terrible YouTube bit called “Racist Superman”, chilling out with a homeless couple, and most notably his Instagram activity. I could go on forever here, but this picture of his face crudely photoshopped onto Beyoncé’s body will be looked back on as a key hint when he finally turns into a serial killer

After an alarmingly successful rebrand in 2016 with the release of tracks like “What Do You Mean” it’s pretty hilarious to see the Biebs just losing it all over again.

J Cole Still Tragically Underrated – Largely Due to Having the Most Generic Name Imaginable

Speaking of new album announcements, J Cole has been giving more details about his upcoming album KOD. Every time J Cole comes up I can’t help but think about how underrated he is. If only he chose literally any other stage name.

Seriously, “J Cole” makes him sound like a dime a dozen average rapper from the ’00s and is just such a big turnoff. Once you give him a chance you’re in for the long haul, but that name does not make a great first impression. Sources say he’s been market testing “Jermaine C” as a new stage name.

Bromance Blossoms Between John Travolta and Fred Durst

Bromance alert! Possibly the weirdest bromance of all time at that. Working together on the set of the upcoming film Moose, John Travolta and Fred Durst seem to have taken quite a liking to each other.

Travolta, when asked about working with the frontman of Limp Bizkit, said “It was maybe my favorite experience I’ve had” and went on to say that Durst was “so generous” and “such an artist”. The film, which is also co-written and directed by Durst, has no release date at this time, but if it can bring those two dudes together then it has to be worth seeing.


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